Attending the Lancaster Fair!

August 2nd-5th Lancaster, NH – Great fun was had by all at this traditional Yankee celebration! “This Labor Day weekend was an opportunity to get up close and personal with hundreds of constituents in the North Country. Far and away, the major concern was the economy and inflation. Thankfully, I have spent 15 years tackling […]

5 Pledges to the People of Colebrook, Stewartstown & Columbia

August 31st, 2022 – Stewartstown, NH 1. USE COMMON SENSE I pledge to address inflation, energy prices, everyday bills and the economy by building coalitions to generate, propose and pass practical and effective legislation to address these problems immediately. You are electing me to lead decisively, and I will do that by making strong, sound, […]

Attending the Moose Festival!

August 26th, 2022 Colebrook, NH – Great times and good laughs were shared all around by locals during the annual event! “This tradition is part of what makes the culture of the North Country so special. That is why protecting, preserving and growing the Yankee way of life lives at the core of my agenda […]

The North Country Is Broken: How We Fix It Right Now

August 23rd, 2022 Colebrook, NH – My family has always believed the Granite State would stand strong for multiple generations to come. I was proud to be raised from deep roots in God’s Country. So, it has been tough to come back to New Hampshire, only to see how decades of political neglect in the […]

Attending Cornerstone’s Pro-Life Seminar

August 15th, 2022 Concord, NH – Gary recently attended a Pro-Life seminar for legislative candidates in Concord. The event was hosted by the conservative pro-life group Cornerstone. Pictured from left to right is N.H. State Representative & Veterans Affairs Committee Vice Chair Mike Moffett (R – Merrimack 9), Cornerstone Executive Director Shannon McGinley, former N.H. […]

Attending the Sugar on Snow Festival!

August 5th, 2022 – Stewartstown, NH Gary discussing a clear North Country economic vision for working families and the policy solutions required to supercharge it….all while sporting his famous “Grateful Moose” t-shirt! “This was a wonderful event to hear, understand and note the concerns of local constituents on everything from inflation to sidewalks and recreation […]

603 Alliance Issues Briefing

July 14th, 2022 Concord, NH – Local government troubles in the North Country are symptomatic of a much bigger problem statewide. That’s the conclusion reached by Gary Whitehill, who traveled down to Concord last Thursday to attend the 603 Alliance’s “2022 Issues Briefing Summit for State Representative Candidates.” The 603 Alliance exists to “restore Constitutional […]

Vote for Life, Liberty & Prosperity

July 11th, 2022 – North Country, NH James Madison’s brilliant Constitutional Conventional statecraft lay in understanding that a bold plan was the best way forward for bonding a nation tearing itself apart at its seams because of differences and distrust. We stand at this moment of instability again 235 years later. But without brilliant leadership […]

Conversation with WMUR-TV’s Political Director, Adam Sexton

July 6th, 2022 Concord, NH – Gary had a spirited one-on-one conversation with WMUR-TV’s Political Director, Adam Sexton, for 15 minutes which spanned a wide range of topics, from the current political environment to the media’s role in journalism today as well as the best path forward to ensure life, liberty and prosperity across the […]

God Bless America and to All Who’ve Served Our Great Nation!

July 4th, 2022 Colebrook, NH – To show respect and honor to all those who have served our country, Gary participated in the annual Colebrook July 4th Parade. “Nothing is more important and often unsaid than the gratitude and gratefulness we have for our military, and all the freedoms we enjoy every single moment,” said […]

News & Sentinel Interview with Karen Harrigan Doolan

June 29th, 2022 Colebrook, NH – Gary after his interview with Karen where he discussed his family legacy, career background and actionable vision for Columbia, Colebrook and Stewartstown. Being upfront and candid, the interview provided his constituents a more holistic view of how he will be in service to them, for them and by them […]