5 Pledges to the People of Colebrook, Stewartstown & Columbia

August 31st, 2022 – Stewartstown, NH


I pledge to address inflation, energy prices, everyday bills and the economy by building coalitions to generate, propose and pass practical and effective legislation to address these problems immediately.

You are electing me to lead decisively, and I will do that by making strong, sound, practical decisions underpinned by my ironclad Yankee values of integrity, excellence, and vigilance. For the North Country to thrive, there is no room for extreme, fundamental or populist positions. I will push to make sure our choices are sensible for the people we serve.


I pledge to always provide you with the blunt truth, even when it’s tough news.

You are electing me to ensure answers to your questions and inquiries are clear, honest, timely, and actionable. I promise to send out a personalized weekly flow of information from Concord, to make sure you’re never in the dark, always aware, and not blindsided by disinformation/misinformation.


I pledge to be actively engaged and visible in our community, and to answer your phone calls and emails promptly, no matter the size, scope or scale of the issue on your mind.

You are electing me to be responsive, responsible, and reliable. All three “R”s are exactly why I am the leader you want representing you, your loved ones and our community.


I pledge to always hold your best interests at heart during every conversation, decision and meeting throughout my tenure. Being a State Representative for District 3 means I am there to speak and act on your behalf.

You are electing me to be your unselfish servant leader. I will do so humbly, using this opportunity to listen to your concerns, to understand your needs, and to secure the resources and results that help you thrive.


I pledge to substantially improve your life and the lives of your loved ones by challenging doggedly fixed thinking and disrupting heavy-handed state bureaucracy. Now is the time to stop the practice of laws being made by unelected career administrators who work for state agencies instead of legislators.

You are electing me to represent the North County community with fortitude and fervor. While at the helm as State Representative, I will bulldoze corruption, cowardice, and lack of conscience by those whose insatiable greed misdirects their moral compass.