The North Country Is Broken: How We Fix It Right Now

August 23rd, 2022 Colebrook, NH –

My family has always believed the Granite State would stand strong for multiple generations to come. I was proud to be raised from deep roots in God’s Country. So, it has been tough to come back to New Hampshire, only to see how decades of political neglect in the North Country has chipped away at our Yankee foundation.

Granite may be rock hard, but to last and shine, it needs regular cleaning. When it is cracked and broken, it needs a skilled touch to repair it. This election, it is time to clean up and fix our politics in Concord. We need to get back to leadership, not lies. We need to increase common sense, not corruption. We need representatives who stand for moral living, and not money grabbing. The North Country “good ole boys club” has long benefited wealthier families in the region and that has cost the citizens in Colebrook, Columbia, and Stewartstown. Enough is enough.

As a 9th generation blueblood Yankee, I am an investor, a job creator, a donor, a servant, a volunteer, a friend, a dog whisperer, and a neighbor. Your stories of how our North Country people have been hurt, intimidated, or silenced by power-hungry politicians, motivated me to run for State Representative. Conversations with local business owners, elected officials, community influencers, and volunteers made it clear to me that the “good ole boys” have a strong grip in this part of the Granite State. Their political staying power comes from using the system to extract money from the people – you know, through taxes, fees, duties, and the like – and giving benefits only to those who help to keep them in power.

No wonder life for North Country residents and families is tough. Concord intentionally forgets anything above the Notch. Meanwhile, local property tax rates are through the roof (and going higher) all the while inflation eats away at our wages, industries, and tourism prospects. Even worse, basics seem to be forgotten locally: roads, sidewalks, roads, sidewalks! Out on the campaign trail, the #1 complaint I’ve heard from 1000+ residents is that NOBODY LISTENS to them – they feel they are ignored at both local and state levels.

When did our politicians forget that their job is to serve the people? We have a state capitol that doesn’t care about us, local politicians who don’t listen to us and we live in a state surrounded by blue on all its flanks. This is why I am running for State Representative in Coos County District 3, to represent Colebrook, Columbia, and Stewartstown as a public servant, and I am determined to get better results. How? Let’s start by using common sense, bulldozing through the lies, and fighting for the people. No more waiting for the outcomes our communities need.

I have spent the past twenty years breaking down barriers and building better platforms so that people, businesses, and communities can thrive. My personal motto is “Stop at nothing. Achieve everything.” My whole life I have competed with people who had more education, more money, and more resources. My blue-collar upbringing and real-world life lessons taught me what it takes to succeed as a leader, especially when times are hard and the odds are stacked mightily against you.

One thing you can trust is that my Granite-strong family roots have made me resilient, dogged, and determined. My pledge to you is to bring that same persistent energy to fight for your interests in Concord – with grit, discipline, and decency. Because what every North Country resident deserves is a healthy, vibrant economy that brings with it safety, security, and an ability to take care of your family. If our North Country community wants to climb beyond the hardship mountain, we must push for a giant shift in politics, where our public leaders are accountable, transparent, and less self-serving.

I promise to be driven and relentless when it comes to preserving everything that makes the North Country good, and to building better, more resilient options that will bolster the economy so that we can revitalize our community.

My action plan is to focus on how we achieve livable wages, good help in our local businesses, a growing customer base, affordable taxes, adequate funding to enforce the law, support for local farms, and new opportunities for children and young families. First, I am targeting decisive results for you in three community-centered goals:

  • Eradicating the drug problem.
  • Attracting young working families who share our values.
  • Increasing the number of small businesses in the area to provide good jobs.

I am running for State Representative because I care about fixing the cracks. I care about our residents, our families, our community, our small businesses, and our way of life. I will fight for you, for your family, and for the legacy of our great region. You deserve true leadership and a strong, new voice in Concord that will do whatever it takes and is not afraid of “good ole boy” retribution or repercussions.

Do you want decision-making driven by common sense?

Are you tired of lies and political pandering?

Are you sick of feeling like you, your family and the North Country are being left behind?

Make your vote count for better this September 13th. If you feel it is time to get better results, vote for the person who is going to be driven and relentless for you.

Vote Gary!

This Op-Ed, written by Gary Whitehill, was originally published on GraniteGrok website.