Conversation with WMUR-TV’s Political Director, Adam Sexton

July 6th, 2022 Concord, NH – Gary had a spirited one-on-one conversation with WMUR-TV’s Political Director, Adam Sexton, for 15 minutes which spanned a wide range of topics, from the current political environment to the media’s role in journalism today as well as the best path forward to ensure life, liberty and prosperity across the Granite State.

As a 9th Generation North Country Yankee, whose deep family roots have been “Above the Notch” for 220+ years, Gary believes firmly in the Constitution of the United States. 🇺🇸🤓🇺🇸

The principles, values and way of life which informed our founders’ wisdom and ways are increasingly under threat. The journey to rebuild and restore the values of integrity, excellence and vigilance at the center of the Granite State begins now!” stated Gary after the conversation.