603 Alliance Issues Briefing

July 14th, 2022 Concord, NH – Local government troubles in the North Country are symptomatic of a much bigger problem statewide. That’s the conclusion reached by Gary Whitehill, who traveled down to Concord last Thursday to attend the 603 Alliance’s “2022 Issues Briefing Summit for State Representative Candidates.” The 603 Alliance exists to “restore Constitutional principles in all levels of government by championing the principles of free people and free markets.”

63 Republican candidates attended the invite-only, half-day event open exclusively to candidates who have never been a registered Democrat.

Topics covered included education, energy, the 2nd Amendment, health freedom, parent’s rights, county government, jobs, and the economy.

“This was a valuable Summit where devoted Republican candidates learned the ins-and-outs of all legislative policy choices for Concord’s next session. I am geared and ready to take the action we need to ensure the North Country is not left behind, again,” Gary said of his participation.

The module on corruption and lack of transparency in planning and zoning boards garnered the most enthusiastic groupwide discussion. Those present at the Summit made it clear they are committed conservative Republicans who will put an end to dark-corner decision making and harmful bullying tactics. Gary noted that the 603 Alliance Summit provided him with some of the best information, tools, and resources to lead in Concord, specifically on inflation and easing the food and energy prices crushing our hard-working families and seniors.

“I am committed and ready to take decisive action for a better North Country,” Gary commented at the end of the Summit.

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Photo: Gary Whitehill and Jim Kofalt, 603 Alliance Board Director & State Rep (R-Hillsborough 4)