Humans Deserve Better Trilogy

Powerful change happens when enough humans live determined.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 24


  • Manifesto Rule No. 1

    When in doubt – call someone who truly, unconditionally loves you.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 2

    Stop at nothing to achieve everything the universe has to offer.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 3

    When feeling huffy: – Step back, Be a teacher, Take a deep breath, Smile and realize this too shall pass as just a glimmer within a lifetime of happiness.


5 months ago today, my life took an unexpected, vicious, 180-degree turn from the practical trajectory I was convinced would be my future. I still feel the proverbial whiplash every single day.

As a result, the world I once knew suddenly felt foreign, rigid, and uncharacteristically cold. I lost all trust in my own emotional and mental capacity. My inner compass had been knocked so venomously hard in May that for all intents and purposes, I lost life’s roadmap: where to go, what to do, and most importantly – why.

For the first time in my entire life I felt utterly defeated.

Though I will not go into detail on the specifics of what happened, the incident has become a central catalyst in the journey and trajectory I am now fortunate to be living.



For the rest of June, all of July, and much of August I spent every single day searching.

Every waking moment was an opportunity, spent either in deep reflection within the sanctuary of nature or reading countless books; everything from evolutionary biology and chaos theory to the history of the strategy revolution and management theory. There were not enough answers for the where, what, or why of my life.

As a close friend said to me in June, “sometimes being at the bottom of the dark, cold well is the best place to restart in finding the light.” He was correct.



And so one day in August, as I sat at the Martin Luther King Memorial in DC reflecting on the past few months, I realized something:

There are no answers in life. There are only experiences.

In fact, life is a culmination of experiences, and when not judged, but embraced for simply what they are, we are each provided an invaluable toolkit of context, empathy, and insightfulness which enable us to make better decisions in future circumstances.

That day on the beach helped me to fully understand and rectify what happened to me, why it happened, and what there was to learn toward a more fulfilling future. Once I was able to accept this without judgment, I knew it was time to finally climb back out of the well and jump back into the world again with a fortitude to make a difference.

Reflecting on MLK’s heroic and visionary words etched into the marble monument, I was finally able to accept the past without judgment.

This was when I declared to myself that it was in fact time to move onward and upward.  Frankly, there was no use for or reason to live in the past, unless I wanted be susceptible to the wasted energy cycles of blame, self-pity and mental anguish which so many of us get stuck in from time to time.

But there were a set of hard questions I needed to ask myself in order to be ready and confident in resurrecting the vision I have held for so many years for the world:


  • Spiritually: where did the man inside of me go, and why? The one whose childish humor would slice thru the hardened and stubborn side so easily in front of audiences around the world.
  • Professionally: where did the champion for entrepreneurs around the world go, and who is he now? The one who was unflinching in his quest to enable every single human being on the planet to create what they are most passionate about.
  • Personally & emotionally: where did the driven and relentless attitude go, and can it come back more vibrant than ever? The one who ‘stops at nothing to achieve everything?’


Answering these questions was a test in personal vulnerability for me and the answers became the organizing principles of this new, unfamiliar journey I inherited starting back in May.

By mid-August, the past was not holding me back anymore. My lens changed, and I realized those experiences actually were opportunities to mature emotionally and develop spiritually. Never before in my life had I put emotional maturity or spiritual enlightenment at the forefront of my consciousness. ‘Waking up’ is the fulcrum lying at the intersection of both of those core human attributes.

Until then, never had I known or understood the power that is granted when one chooses to ‘wake up.’

By the end of August, I chose what ‘waking up’ meant to me: doing exactly what many scriptures proclaimed was the purpose of man – to give unselfishly. So I took that adage and mixed it together with the answers from above, and my dream of traveling the world without boundaries. I set a decent sized goal to step back into the world by: ‘changing the vibrations of at least 10,000 people.’


In the third week of August I sent a few emails to close friends. I explained my journey over the past few months and asked if they knew anyone, anywhere who might be interested in having me speak about entrepreneurship, innovation, etc.

Quickly my rolodex went into hyper-speed, introductions were made to over 100 people in more than 40 countries – all within a week. If I had ever questioned the ingenuity, unselfishness, and generosity of humanity, this experience seared into my brain that it was alive and well in remote places all over the world.

Just like that, out of nowhere, by mid-September, my dream became reality and a clear vision for traveling the world without boundaries emerged. In just 3 weeks my rolodex helped compile a blistering schedule: a world tour of 20 countries in just 60 days.


Today the fire burns inside me like never before. I stand stronger than ever, encompassing a sincerity, thankfulness and generosity that is more plentiful than ever before. The drive to change the world has been renewed and become a flame of power and perseverance.

But the flame needs a counterpart, one which balances is intense predispositions. These last 5 months equipped me with the equally important grace and attributes of the ocean: soft, slow, but relentlessly strategic.

What the tour is about:

  • Abstractly: the power of the word, and the fact that every single human being deserves an equal opportunity to create their own reality in this world.
  • Tangibly: when up on stage, a new sense of what life is all about and how it relates to the deep restructuring and abrupt reckoning the business world will face starting Fall 2016.

Goals of the tour:

  • Tell the truth: parlay reality as I have experienced it without regard for fear or rejection.
  • Re-hardwire brains: get people individually thinking audaciously, so they can collectively achieve exponentially.
  • Crush the status quo: enable every person to step into their power of choice and creation.


Every mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fiber in my body is dedicated to those who dare to ‘stop at nothing to achieve everything.’ Those who believe that statement are my tribe and I am thankful for the little global village who has afforded me so many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and blessings over the past 8yrs.

So without further ado, here is the Stop at Nothing. Achieve Everything Fall 2014 Global Speaking Tour, held from October 1st to December 1st. I sincerely hope you can join me and others in what will be a celebration of light, love, passion, purpose, and hope for an abundant future.

Always remember: there is no room for excuses, there are only lessons to take with us along our journey forward.


There are many people who without their love, support, and guidance over these past 5 months I am honestly not sure where or what I would be. But today, as I write this, I am living my dream of traveling the world and making a difference in the lives of others, in full and abundant expression, for which I could not be more thankful.

Words could never pay homage to what these folks have done individually and collectively for me since May. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Bassam, Brendan, Clewi, Dana, Ingrid, Lis, Nate, Traci, Victor, and my parents. You are all my heroes.

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  1. drbillnye says:

    life is some crazy journey man. These moments to abstract from the situation and look at the birds eye view are gifts. Props for finding yours and getting back in your proverbial saddle! Good luck!

    • Really appreciate you reaching out.

      As they say, more often than not – history is a record of conflict which ultimately leads to higher levels of understanding and transformation. Throughout life we are each thrown major curve balls, which are actually blessings in disguise. They ensure a rebirth and friction-based growth which spurs a path back toward the natural human tendencies for: contribution, inclusiveness, and opportunity.

  2. keithinseattle says:

    Love it Gary. Glad to hear you are well. +1 for vibrations changed. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank you very much for your response Keith. It really means a lot. It is very humbling to know this post made even the slightest impact on your life and the lives of your family!

  3. emy bautista says:

    The great thing about adversity is that once we get over the pain, we realize it was necessary…

    Buddhists say that two arrows always fly towards us. The first arrow is the bad thing that happens. The second arrow is how we react to the first one. The first arrow is inevitable, the second is optional.

    As far as second arrows go, I think yours is exceptional…