Humans Deserve Better Trilogy

Powerful change happens when enough humans live determined.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 24


  • Manifesto Rule No. 1

    When in doubt – call someone who truly, unconditionally loves you.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 2

    Stop at nothing to achieve everything the universe has to offer.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 3

    When feeling huffy: – Step back, Be a teacher, Take a deep breath, Smile and realize this too shall pass as just a glimmer within a lifetime of happiness.

Sales is Not Magic: Understanding the Discipline of a Sales Connoisseur

Selling does not have to be so scary.

I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about sales, with many questions revolving around how to make the perfect sales pitch in either a B2C or B2B context. Based on my prior experience, I felt it’d be relevant to now throw my two cents into the bucket with a series of posts on the topic.


Most people don’t know I worked as a high-end salon shoe salesman for 1.5yrs at Nordstrom earlier this decade before moving to NYC. Starting out, I was way behind the average salesperson in terms of their learning curve:

  • I had never sold anything in my life
  • I knew nothing about salon shoes (Weitzman, Ferragamo, Paul Green, etc)
  • When I was hired, I actually had to ask my mother “what is a salon shoe?”
  • I had no idea salon shoe salesman were the most aggressive pool of sharks there could be in any sales context-period

In spite of those shortcomings, I ended up doing very well over the course of my tenure at the company- I sold more than $600K in shoes within that short span- unprecedented as a first year salesman at the company. By the way, this was as a 20 year old college student, taking an 18 credit course load, and holding a 3.85 GPA in 3 separate majors.

Why is Selling So Hard?

For most, selling a product or service in either a B2C or B2B context is just too tough of a job. There’s a lengthy sales process, numerous challenges in getting to a decision maker, long hours, etc. As a result, a cultish following has ensued around those who claim to have the keys/tricks/etc for how to sell.

Many believe top sellers (regardless of vertical) hold some sort of magical black book, and that it’s this which makes their numbers skyrocket 60%-200% above their next closest counterpart. Guess what?

Just like anything else in sales- it’s simply a numbers game. But what many do in fact fail to realize is the top sellers encompass two vital qualities which ultimately lead to their profound successes:

  1. They are confident and unequivocally believe in themselves and their process
  2. They are optimization freaks

It’s crucial to understand, in the world of a top salesperson- every single movement, word, phrase, close toward the sale and follow-up is optimally scripted for a sale (both in the long and short-term). Confidence in themselves, in their process, and in understanding what must be optimized are the crucial levers which determine the viability and scalability of the salesperson’s rolodex.

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