Humans Deserve Better Trilogy

Powerful change happens when enough humans live determined.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 24


  • Manifesto Rule No. 1

    When in doubt – call someone who truly, unconditionally loves you.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 2

    Stop at nothing to achieve everything the universe has to offer.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 3

    When feeling huffy: – Step back, Be a teacher, Take a deep breath, Smile and realize this too shall pass as just a glimmer within a lifetime of happiness.


A diverse sampling of the coverage I have been fortunate to receive in newspapers, magazines, and television from around the world.

Ten years from now you will compete with robots instead of humans.

In Slovenia, when someone sits with you for coffee, it takes only five minutes to sen ...

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By 2050, African Will Have over 1bn People in the Productive Phase

Despite the challenges on the African continent, many experts are optimistic that the ...

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Ghana’s Growth Potential

Why is Ghana so important in the development agenda of Africa? How will improved conn ...

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Africa’s Growth Potential

Africa is said to be the gem that is going to transform the world. However, this is n ...

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Gary Whitehill’s hope for future Bangladesh story by sushanta si ...

Gary whitehill, the icon of young entrepreneur of the world, recently visited and pra ...

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It is our great pleasure to welcome Gary Whitehill aboard our enterprise. Gary is a w ...

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Human ingenuity will leapfrog trends imposed by today’s global f ...

American futurologist Gary Whitehill shares his FutureReady vision for the world.

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#CitiBizFestival Day 8: Gary Whitehill speaks on innovation

World renowned futurist, Gary Whitehill, talks about innovation in the business space ...

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Making good things scale, globally

If you’re familiar with Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point, Gary fits into all thre ...

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What 16 Successful People Read In The Morning

Gary Whitehill supplements the Wall Street Journal with dozens of RSS feeds.

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Secrets of Success: Gary Whitehill

Gary is the founder of Entrepreneur Week. He believes entrepreneurs need to be at the ...

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Gary Whitehill shares tips at Campus Party so startups can write success stories...

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Through innovation and creativity to entrepreneurship.

Special experience was when we visited the world famous economist Gary Whitehill whom ...

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Mission: to encourage the people

Non-traditional entrepreneur Gary Whitehill impressed with the lecture, stresses the ...

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The relentless entrepreneur

As a world renowned entrepreneurship coach and motivational speaker...

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The Startup Movement Is Not About Startups, Actually

Gary discusses the economic model paradigm shift the world is currently experiencing.

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The 9 Most Common Mistakes Of First-Time Entrepreneurs

Gary discusses the different skills required to grow a company as a founder versus be ...

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Stop Making Excuses. Create Your Own Reality.

Gary presents at the TEDx Global Women Entrepreneur Summit; sharing a tangible frame ...

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Hack Your Brain – 4 Steps To Achieve Unprecedented Growth

Gary explains how to conquer one of the greatest challenges for a startup entrepreneu ...

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Bringing Entrepreneurship to the Masses

Gary discusses his vision for connecting entrepreneurs globally to the resources they ...

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What Greek Startups Can Teach the World

Gary discusses the young, entrepreneurial tech startup economy in Greece and reveals ...

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Incubator Focuses on Founders First, Then Companies

As a mentor since its inception in 2009, Gary is featured discussing the critical rol ...

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Kickstarter for Wall Street? Broker-Dealers Get Into the Crowdfunding ...

Gary discusses crowdfunding as an asset class.

Entrepreneurs: ‘One Percenters’?

Gary founded Entrepreneur Walk to bring awareness to the correlation between job grow ...

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Trying to Inject Entrepreneurship Into the Greek Economy

Leveraging his experience in Greece, Gary provides commentary on the critical role en ...

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Q&A with Carol Roth, Author of The Entrepreneur Equation

Gary and Carol sit down for an exclusive interview on her unique entrepreneurial pers ...

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Building the Modern Acropolis: Greek Entrepreneurs

Gary discusses why Entrepreneur Week went to Greece as the platforms first parlay int ...

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G8YGL Board of Directors

Gary is represented the United States and appointed Chair of Global Strategic Partner ...

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Acceptance into Singularity University EP

Gary became the youngest executive ever accepted into SU’s Exponential Technologies ...

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From Salary to Startup

Gary reveals why he chose to forgo a salary and invest his life savings into an unpro ...

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Why Don’t More Women Serve on Corporate Boards?

Gary discusses why gender diversity in leadership on corporate boards is absolutely e ...

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Entrepreneur Week Aims to Democratize Entrepreneurship Education

Gary discusses how Entrepreneur Week is democratizing entrepreneurship education arou ...

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Do G20 Countries Understand Technology?

Gary shared thoughts on why/how technology is currently underutilized by G20 leaders.

Dell EIR Board of Advisors

Gary is named to the board alongside renowned visionaries, entrepreneurs, leading tec ...

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G20-Y Summit Delegate

Gary was nominated to represent the United States in Paris, France, advising the G20 ...

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Small Business, Big Vision – How to Dominate Your Market

Gary wrote the forward to Matt & Adam Toren’s best-selling book, focusing on “les ...

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The Rocky Mountain Entrepreneurial Summit (RMES)

Gary produced the inaugural event in Denver, Colorado for Entrepreneurs Organization ...

50 Businesses You Can Start Right Now

Gary outlines 50 simple, easy to execute ideas which require little investment.

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Q&A with the Founder of Entrepreneur Week

Gary discusses NYC's entrepreneur ecosystem and the expansion of Entrepreneur Week gl ...

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The High-Intensity Entrepreneur

Gary discusses how to build and successfully scale entrepreneur ecosystems around the ...

What is an Entrepreneur?

Gary provides a synopsis of the New York City startup scene and The Relentless Founda ...

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Seed Funds: Hope or Hype?

Gary explains the ‘perfect storm’ that created the seed funding phenomenon of 201 ...

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AOL Small Business Board of Directors

Gary is named to the board alongside, among others, Sir Richard Branson and Bob Parso ...

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Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Leveraging Technology

Gary discussed the mythical CEO, the importance of self-discovery and how the s-curve ...

The Relentless Entrepreneur

Gary discusses the proliferation of three exciting trends Americans are embracing.

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Entrepreneur Week and Social Media

Gary discusses why entrepreneurs change the world, and how they leverage social media ...

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Entrepreneur Week Returns to the Big Apple

Gary discusses how entrepreneurship can attain its potential in New York and develop ...

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Driven. Relentless. Meet Gary Whitehill

Gary discusses a plethora of insights, including the future of funding entrepreneur e ...

An Entrepreneurial Lesson

Gary explains his viewpoints on failure, first hires, social responsibility and how t ...

Young People Primed for a Startup Surge

Gary discusses the fundamental entrepreneurial shift our economy is witnessing.

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Catalyst For Economic Change: Entrepreneurs

Gary discusses founding his first company at age 12, what it takes to be a successful ...

Granby Native Launches Entrepreneur Week

Gary provides insight into the Gen-Y collaborative mentality, New York’s entreprene ...

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Greece: Will Entrepreneurship Save the Country?

Gary provides analysis on current developments and turmoil based on interviews during ...

Business Building Tips and Inspiration

Gary reveals a five-step process for achieving personal and professional success.

Lessons in Being Unstoppable

Gary provides insight into how he arrived in NYC with no job, no plan, and almost no ...

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The Relentless Entrepreneur

Gary discusses the dynamic aspects of New York City and why it is the optimal ecosyst ...