Humans Deserve Better Trilogy

Powerful change happens when enough humans live determined.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 24


  • Manifesto Rule No. 1

    When in doubt – call someone who truly, unconditionally loves you.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 2

    Stop at nothing to achieve everything the universe has to offer.

  • Manifesto Rule No. 3

    When feeling huffy: – Step back, Be a teacher, Take a deep breath, Smile and realize this too shall pass as just a glimmer within a lifetime of happiness.

Authentic Creation Manifesto: How Entrepreneurs Ex ...

Anything worth living for is not easy; the hardship is what makes the journey toward that person or idea even more special.

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Bootstrapping is NOT Easy: Obtaining Profitability ...

A savvy entrepreneur puts every single fiber of themselves into their start-up.

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The Seed Funding Phenomenon Bubble of 2010

The seed funding phenomenon is a bubble waiting to burst. This is my take on the landscape.

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Entrepreneurship: Do You Have What It Takes?

Whatever your reasons for considering entrepreneurship instead of formal employment, there are a few traits you will need to cultivate in order to succeed.

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Luck – Where Does it Come From?

Luck is an accumulation of superior effort and focused execution.

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Sales Magic is Bogus: How the Game is Won

The best sales associates, regardless of industry or length of sales cycle, are always cognizant of one reality when they begin their sales journey: time…

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Sales is Not Magic: Identifying Sales Triggers

The secret to selling is actually not a secret at all.

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Entrepreneurship: Nature vs. Nurture

I firmly believe entrepreneurship is 20% nature and 80% nurture.

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Sales Magic is Bogus: Understanding the 80/20 Rule ...

What is the 20% that makes 80% of the difference?

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